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Chargers to L.A., Raiders to L.V.

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Reports on Wednesday have indicated the Chargers will be leaving their long-time home of San Diego for already-occupied Los Angeles in 2017. That means the Raiders will likely head for their basically-finalized destination of Las Vegas, which has been making a great push to bring professional sports teams to the area.

It’s not too much of a shock for San Diego, considering the tension between team ownership and residents of San Diego. Tax proposals for a new stadium were shunned by residents and local government officials’ suggested stadium location was shot down by the team.

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Rob Ryan Might Be the Most Well Known, Worst Defensive Coordinator


The Buffalo Bills announced today they have terminated Rex Ryan and sent his brother, Rob, packing as well.

This wasn’t a shocker as there has been unrest in Western New York for some time and analysts have been questioning more “when,” rather than “if.” The Bills have failed to make any progress since Doug Marrone left abruptly and the Pegulas took ownership of the team.

Rex’s abilities as a head coach have always been questionable, but doing his brother, Rob, a solid and giving the reigns to the defense might have been one of the most bone-headed moves on his part.

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Is Doug Marrone The Right Choice In Jacksonville?


After the abrupt dismissal of Gus Bradley this past Sunday, and I only say abrupt because it immediately followed the Jaguars loss on Sunday, the Jacksonville front office has announced Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach, Doug Marrone, will be the interim head coach for the remaining two games of the season.

That’s the same Doug Marrone that professed his love and intention to stay at Syracuse University, before leaving to coach the Buffalo Bills. The same Doug Marrone that then coached two years in Buffalo before unexplainably deciding to give up the job and take an assistant job in Jacksonville.

Now Marrone has been handed the keys to the Jaguars’ disappointing franchise and asked to take the helm.

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Christian McCaffrey Skipping Sun Bowl is a Wake Up Call


With the announcement of Christian McCaffrey skipping the Sun Bowl, where Stanford will finish off a less-than-stellar season against North Carolina on December 30th, McCaffrey may have started a trend that is long overdue and could change the college football postseason.

There are currently 42 postseason college football games to finish the 2016-2017 season if you include the playoffs. In other words – out of 128 Division I FBS football programs in the country, 82 get to play in the postseason.

The NCAA has been adding bowl games nonstop for years. If a sponsor has enough money to slap their name on a bowl, they get one. That’s how we have ended up where we are.

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Seattle Showed Why Soccer is the Next Top Sports in the U.S.


There’s a new force to be reckoned with in sports entertainment in the United States.

It’s name: soccer.

The sport that almost every other part of the world refers to as football (how ignorant of them), has slowly been building itself into relevancy and a major contender for attention by America’s entertainment-hungry population.

Everyone knows the three major sports that currently rule the airwaves in the U.S. – football, baseball and basketball, all of which are set up to maximize commercial revenue.

Commercial timeouts happen in football at least after every change of possession. Basketball has designated television timeouts for about every four minutes of game action. And breaks for commercials in baseball occur every half-inning and during pitching changes.

Soccer is unique to the U.S. market in that the sport only breaks once for halftime. Other than that, commercial opportunities relegated to commentator mentions and small pop-out advertisements during the game.

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Good, Bad and Ugly From Rio


As always, the Olympics this year were filled with unbelievable performances, heartwarming stories, unimaginable defeats, inevitable controversies and unexpected twists. That was some pro adjective use right there. *slow claps for self*

It all made for some fantastic entertainment, despite NBC’s best efforts to ruin it for us with poor commentating and annoying tape delays. I mean, really? Making me stay up until midnight on a school night to watch the U.S. women’s gymnastics lay a beatdown on everyone in the building? Completely inconsiderate and slightly unintelligent considering we have this crazy thing called social media that runs our lives.

Anyways….. these are some of the moments I’m more likely to remember for the next month before football season starts.

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