The New Single

The New Single is a lifestyle book to help women after a big life change. I had the pleasure of working with the author on creating print and social media collaterals leading up to the launch of the book and for events surrounding the release in 2015.

dad-quote  new-single-facebook-post

Social Media

Each of the social media pages for The New Single needed a consistent cover image. The cover photo design portrays the design theme of all of the marketing materials created throughout the launch campaign.


Leading up to the release of The New Single, we created a series of “teaser” social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with quotes from the book. Each post has a feeling of calm wisdom that coincides with the overall content of the book.

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-3-59-42-pm screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-4-00-59-pm screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-3-58-37-pm

Tamsen had written books previous to The New Single and on her personal Facebook, there a page dedicated to all of her books. To make it clear that each of the books could be purchased, I created a visually appealing page that included buttons that clearly conveyed each book could be bought.


I also created a “Buy The Book” page for on The New Single‘s Facebook page that visually followed the look of other visual elements and clearly conveyed an option to click and buy.



Surrounding the official release of The New Single, Tamsen took part in a number of events, from the launch party to panel discussions. For each of those events, I created promotional materials, including banners, invites, newsletters, posters and more.

Launch Party

The launch party for The New Single took place in a Manhattan restaurant with over 100 guests, including local and national celebrities. To promote the book from the party, I created materials that were photo-friendly and would encourage people to share to their social media followers.

Materials included invites, posters, table cards, banners and more.

The invite was designed for email as simple, but elegant. The gold and typeface matched the color of the text on the book cover. The information is cleanly laid out to clearly draw the eye to the important information, while still conveying all of the necessary information.


The “selfie banner” was designed as a point for photo opportunities and to promote the various social media handles. The book is the main focal point with the social media handles below, still visible in pictures. At the very bottom of the banner (out of the view of pictures) it says “Take Selfie Here” to encourage people to take their picture with the banner and post on social media. The banner was used at all of the events during the book launch tour.

new-single-selfie-banner  new-single-banner-photo

Social media posters were placed around the venue to further reinforce posting on social media, as well as provide quick reference for social media handles and tags. Some of the posters included quotes from Tamsen that are in the book.

new-single-facebook-poster new-single-instagram-poster new-single-twitter-poster

Small table cards were placed on tables throughout the venue as well with quotes from the book. These cards followed the same design scheme as the social media posts and posters.


Expert Panel Discussion

Immediately following the launch party, Tamsen took part in expert panel discussions featuring experts from the book. One example of these discussions was at a WeWork office in Manhattan.

First, I created an invites for the event that were used in emails and printed on posters. These invites were similar to the one used for the launch party, with the gold used from the book cover text and same typeface. The email invite included a register button for people to click and register prior to the event. The invites also featured images and information about each of the panel participants.

wework-panel-invite wework-panel-poster_small

At the event, people were provided with panel participant bios in flyers and cards with each of the panelists’ information.