Undergraduate Capstone Project

The Undergraduate Capstone Project was completed as the culmination of my undergraduate degree. The task was to brand a company, organization or product. I chose to rebrand my high school alma mater, Liverpool High School, under the Nike brand.

Many school’s athletics programs acquire sponsorship companies such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and others. For this project, I reimagined Liverpool High School’s education taken under the Nike brand.



The logo had to maintain the simplicity of the Nike brand, while also incorporating the iconic Nike swoosh. While the Nike brand uses bold sans serif typefaces, I used a serif typeface to separate the educational aspect of this brand from the sports brands under Nike. I also kept the existing colors of the Liverpool High School brand, to maintain aspects of it’s established identity.


Within Liverpool High School, there are various educational departments. To identify each individual department, they were given unique logos that are variations of the overall brand. For this project, I created two department logos: English and Science departments. Each department is identified with its name and an associated color.

english-dept-logo          science-dept-logo

Marketing Materials

To generate awareness and establish the new brand, I created marketing materials that incorporated new messaging and images that are loosely based off of the existing Nike brand.


The posters and variations of them can be used in print and digital format. For this project, I created a generic poster to promote the new LHS Nike brand, as well as a poster each for the English Department and Science Department.

The taglines are inspired by the Nike tagline “Just do it.” The illustrated images are inspired by propaganda materials used from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. Again, each department is identified with its unique logo and an associated color. Each poster was created completely in Adobe Illustrator.

generic-poster  literacy-poster  science-poster

School Materials

While it’s important to generate awareness for outside sources, it is also important to generate pride within. Materials used by students that don the new Liverpool High School branding are an essential part of the rebranding. For this project, I created a folder and note pads.

The folder cover features a prominent slogan for the new brand: “Do Great,” as well as the new brand logo. It is also easily identifiable as Liverpool High School with a full blue and orange color design. The inside features school calendar with important dates highlighted. The inside also includes a note on the right inside slot that explains the benefits of Nike’s involvement with Liverpool High School, listing notable achievements.

Folder Print    folder-inside-design

The notepads have practical designs that includes the brand colors, logo and slogan. One notepad includes a bold slogan in the lower right corner, while the other notepad features a more subtle slogan in the lower right corner.

notepad1   notepad2

Bumper Sticker

The bumper sticker is a classic marketing material to provide to students and parents that acts as a mobile advertisement. It also generates a sense of pride in the brand.

For the bumper sticker in this project, I created a “proud parent” themed design that utilized the distinct brand colors, the new logo, and brought incorporated the school’s mascot, the warrior.


Below is an in-situation to get an idea of how the bumper sticker would display on a vehicle.